Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Let's... go off-stage somewhere...


Anything Goes came and went. Quite well, I might add. Standing Ovations on two and a half out of five nights. That's a relatively good record. Dancing was fun, and I'm looking forward to next year, but sad by the same token as it's my senior year. My last two productions as part of this wonderful ensemble. But yeah, Anything Goes was damn good. You should've been there.

In an effort to get off my ass and write something outside of my shortlived Pojo column, I set up an account at FictionPress. Will it work? Doubtful, but who knows, Spring Break is coming up and I'll undoubtedly be bored for most of it.

So I started The Da Vinci Code, right. I'm a sucker for good conspiracy stories, but can it beat the amazing power of The DaColbert Code? Probably not.

On the gaming front, I've been absent from the ol' pool table for like two weeks now. I rejoin "the gang" on Saturday. I'm looking forward to watching my friends argue about whose night it is to DM, and then breaking for supper. Good times, good times.

I'm painfully broke right now, and this is primo DVD-release season. My collection has been untouched since I added Gundam SEED Destiny Volume 1 to it. It came with this really neat artbox that, like, folds out and you store DVDs in it. Its pretty badass. I still need to buy Gankutsuou Vol. 3 and the rest of Samurai 7. I'll get back to Ultramaniac when I feel like it.

On another note, my copy of Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology seemingly walked right off my bookshelf. I'm trying to find out where the hell it disappeared to and it's driving me nuts because my room's not that big.

Wow, I'm bored.

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