Monday, January 23, 2006

I feel like a little girl all over again!

Angelic Layer is hella fun to watch. You gotta love CLAMP.

Exams could've went better. Granted, I half-assed German and didn't really study much for Psychology, but it could've been worse. I'm especially pleased with the new schedules for this semester.

1. Study Hall (Sleepy time)
2. American Literature (Stevens-Sensai! The Crucible!)
3. Independant Sports (Golf should be fun)
4/5. German (Same routine as last semester)
LUNCH (Really good luck here, tons of friends. There are at least four tables I could conceivably sit at)
7/8. FST (Eh...)
9. Chemistry (Eh...)
10. Psychology (Like, all of the Dramatic Impact juniors are in my class. That's pretty badass)

Half of my DVD order came in the mail today. Es gefallt mir gut.

Dancing has been interesting so far. I can do most of it well enough, so go me.

I have the nagging feeling that I'm supposed to be working on something. Man, f**k that.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Professional Ball-Changers!

Well. Anything Goes dance rehearsals have started. No problems so far, but we're only just starting. I'm sure I'll break a leg (har!) by dress rehearsal. I already have a sore leg, which I am nursing right now.


I'm ordering Gankutsuou Vol. 2 (and you should, too) along with Volume 1 of Ultramaniac, which I have heard good things about. Right Stuf is having their snazzy 33% off Geneon sale, and that, coupled with the Geneon 10$ rebate offer, I'm essentially getting two DVDs for 23$. I say that's a pretty good deal.

I still have to pick up Hellsing Vol. 7. But stupid Dark Horse sells it for 14$ a book. I mean, I've got Fruits Basket manga to buy for 4$ cheaper. Maybe once I catch up to the English release.

Ultimate Spiderman GN #12 is bad. Don't read it, you'll get hurt. Conversely, Batman: Hush is crazy excellent.

I've managed to catch up all of my grades, so my FST grade is holding firm at a C. I'm exempting the Word&Powerpoint exam for obvious reasons, but stupid Frau won't let me exempt my German exam because she's a slow quiz grader. I don't know if I've complained about my stupid German class before.

It's stupid.