Thursday, July 27, 2006


As the 18th anniversary of my introduction to this world, yesterday was pretty good, I'd say. The entire period since the last post was completely uneventful.

I got to go see a movie with a certain beautiful girl, which was entertaining. Incidentally, it was Lady in the Water which I might review if I get bored enough.

From my parents I recieved some D&D Miniatures, a model kit and a handful of DVDs. From the grandparents, a check for a hundred bucks, which will be put mostly into the bank, no doubt.

Amusingly enough, nearly everybody who promised to call me or send an email or come to my house on my birthday didn't. Not that I really expected them to; I prefer my birthdays to be solitary events, anyway.

Oh yeah, my hair's been cut. I feel naked without those ~4 inches.

You know what are really good?



Megan said...

Hey, I sent you an e-mail on your birthday!

I can't wait to see this hair cut, sort of in the same way I can't wait to have my wisdom teeth removed. Horrible, tratorious curiosity.

Happy 18 Anniversery of what was surely the worst day of your life (June 8, 1991 sure was mine).


Sion "Random Asian" Zhawn said...

The f#ck?! You can't be 18, no way. I mean... I just turned 18 on the 5th.
Dammit, how early/late (can't think of which right so now I'm not gonna bother) did I start effing school? Ugh.
And hey, you never told me it was your Birthday. OMG, we should've had an effing D&D Day or something!!!!11!!!!1shift+1!!!

Go see Snakes on a Plane when it comes out.
(No idea why I decided to put that here.)