Friday, February 23, 2007

I hope you dine well tonight, Hitler. For soon, you shall die.

So hey, courtesy post.

Bridge to Terabithia
An excellent family film and had I children, I would most certainly take them to it, as it contains a message I think most children would benefit from. The ads make it look like a Narnia rip-off, but there's only about ten minutes of what the trailers show you. Faithful to the book, to the best of my memory. The child actors are far better and more memorable than most of the adults and the little CGI work is well-done. As the film skews towards a different audience, I'm using a slightly different scale, but the movie definetely pleases for all ages.
Rating: A-

Rehearsal for my eighth and final play has begun in earnest. In DI's production of The Man Who Came To Dinner I play Banjo, the goofy Hollywood actor who's basically an amalgram of all four Marx Brothers. Well, maybe not Zeppo. It's going to be great.

Star Wars Allegiance is pretty good; Timothy Zahn manages to nail all of the main characters for the time period and Mara Jade's sidestory isn't the groan-inducer I was expecting. By far the most interesting side plot was the one involving the renegade stormtroopers. At any rate, Exile is out next week, and I'm expecting good things from Aaron Allston.

Um, the Turnabout dance is tomorrow. Unless we get all the snow we're supposed to have. Which I doubt will happen for some reason. The dance is totally on.

Call it a hunch.

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