Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tonight, we dine in HELL!

Jaw-droppingly immersive. The only way anybody should be seeing this is on a large screen; anything else will diminish the amazing effect it has on the viewer. If you can see it at the IMAX, do it. The visuals are absolutely stunning. The most incredibly fluid action I've seen since The Matrix. Anyone coming here for things like plot will be dissappointed, though there is some strong characterization and even acting to be found. Not terribly historically accurate, I guess, but again, not the goal. This is a movie to simply be watched. So do it.
Rating: A-

I went and saw that on opening night, but haven't written about it until now so I could get my thoughts in focus and make sure I'm not overhyping it. After thinking about it enough, that's fairly accurate. The screening was late Friday night and a lot of fun. Went with the guys and endured lines stretching to the end of the theatre and fighting for seats. One of our number didn't even make it in. All worth it. The finest moviegoing experience I've had in months.

The Man Who Came to Dinner has wrapped up and I'm already missing it. I'm told, however, that Banjo was one of my greatest performances and I'm actually inclined to believe it for once. Had a lot of fun with that role. Now I must deal with the grim cleaning of the backstage area, wrapping up my high school acting career. I'm gonna miss this band of dorks and misfits.

I'm going to miss a lot of High School now that I'm thinking about it. College is right around the corner (UW-Milwaukee, thanks for asking), and I think I'm ready for it.

I should probably be writing this from my brand new laptop, an early graduation present, but at the moment, its nothing more than a derelect skeleton of a computer with none of my stuff on it. I'll have to get that.

Turnabout 2: Electric Boogaloo is this weekend and I'm looking forward to that. That's not actually what they're calling it, but damnit, they oughta be.

Exile was pretty good. Allston's trademark humor and characterization skills are always a delight to read and I'm glad Ben actually has character and motivation now, instead of simply being "Luke's son".

At the urging of pretty much the entire god-damned Internet, I started A Game of Thrones and I'm enjoying it immensely.

So to conclude: The two most important aspects of a truly great movie:
1. War Rhinos
2. Bewbs

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Anonymous said...

such a damn great movie! I like the rhinos alot! the elephants were overdoing it though.that "god king" what ever eith the pircings lookd soooo gay. great review.I was suprised that it showed some of the things it showed,being an R rated movie,but I`m lad it did :-D