Friday, September 02, 2005

Second Gig


School started yesterday. Let's run through the classes, shall we?

FST - Standing for Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry. It was either this or Pre-Calculus. Seems tame enough so far. Problem is, the questions have to be written out on the assignment. Just ridiculous as it eats up valuable time and shoots my entire organization method to hell.

Chemistry - Fun. Everybody complains about having to write Lab reports, but I'm optimistic. I'll gladly take writing over the horribly long worksheets that go with the labs.

Comedy/Tragedy - Half the class is made up of friends and acquaintances. This is good. The class itself is interesting so far, and I'm looking forward to starting the first play, Antigone.

MS Word/Powerpoint - Can I just have the "A" right now? I really am not enjoying it, though. The teacher doesn't seem very good or organized. I can't even log in to the school network.

AP Psychology - Looking like a fun, but difficult class. Cool teacher, and the textbook has some neat stuff in it. Not terribly worried about the difficulty or the amount of reading. Should be good.

Study Hall - Yay.

German 3 - No yay.

Auditions for Up the Down Staircase are next week, so I'll definetly show up there.

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