Monday, August 29, 2005

Man, my wallet is going to be SO dead this fall.

The demo disc is the only reason I even get the Official Playstation Magazine anymore. I have gone completely bonkers-nuts over this new game from the geniuses behind Ico. Shadow of the Colossus looks absolutely beautiful. The battles with the Colossi are amazing, and the environment floored me. Never before have I wanted so badly to ignore the plot and just go exploring. The only reason I haven't wandered around the demo area yet is for fear of getting lost. Between this and Soul Calibur III, my gaming plate is nice and full this fall.

The party I was talking about? I went for about a hour and a half and left due to disinterest. This other group of friends isn't quite as easy for me to relate to, but somebody brought small firecrackers so we messed around with those, which was entertaining.

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Sion Zhawn said...

Finally heard about Colossus eh? It's gonna be sw33t!
Dude, where were you? I didn't see you at all today. Are you gonna borrow my "The Art of CCS" book or what?