Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aggressive Childish Insult!

Oh man, I really regret not going to TheatreFest last year. I got back earlier this week and it was the most fun I've had in months, maybe years.

Thursday Afternoon
Arrived at Hotel. Small but cozy. Room was small, only two beds. Matt, Chris and Dan were roommates and we were quite happy to learn that our room connected to the one holding Jesse, Sean, Curtis and Alex. There was much trading of pleasantries (read: vaguely offensive remarks), and then the X-Boxes were set-up. This attracted our entire group to the two rooms. Much Halo is played, which I believe I have stated my opinions on before.

A bunch of us wandered over to the Two Brothers Resturuant and had dinner. Decent food, I suppose. Conversation with Jesse, Erika and Peter was amusing.

Wandered back to Hotel, boarded bus to go see some play. I wasn't really looking forward to Scapino at the time, but it turned out to be the best damn thing I saw all weekend. Fake Italian accents, madcap comedy and slapstick physical humor was the order of the night. Had a headache and sore throat from laughing, but I had fun, damnit.

Late evening proved to be the most frustrating part. Our room was still the gathering point for basically everybody in our group, so my room was filled to capacity until midnight. I opted to visit the pool (but not swim) and then wandered off to Talyah's room to play Mario Party 2 (a classic) with Hannah and Krystle.

Halo was played until 1: 30 in the freaking morning. Tried to read Psychology but to no avail. Nobody fell asleep until after two, anyway.

Skipped breakfast in the morning and hung out in the lobby, sipping Hot Chocolate and talking to our Hotel-mates from Homestead with Talyah, Erika, Peter and Gabe. Fun bunch of people.

Sallyed off to UWO for the main event. Started off the day with a talkback with the cast of Scapino. Great bunch of people. Then headed off to see some plays with Gabe, Krystal and Jesse. Two plays were shown in the theater.

Lepers - Excellent play symbolizing the "leprosy" of society. Metaphors abound. Very sad at parts. A-

The Insanity of Mary Girard - Me to compainions at end of play: Freaky-deaky. B+

Went to Lunch with the aforementioned people, followed by Peter and Talyah. Had lunch (Pizza was excellent) with them and got to talk to a Scapino actor. Quickly made friends. Interrupted once I decided to check out the University Bookstore, then returned with a cry of "They have manga!" to which some of us headed off to see. No Fruits Basket Vol. 6, but they had Gunslinger Girl Vol. 3, so picked that up.

Two more plays after that.

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind - 15 plays in 30 minutes. Each one an amusing and fun to watch satire. A- Source of the title for this entry.

Idiot and The Oddity - A rather cute tale of a Greek Demi-Goddess who wants to become a full Goddess, and the son of Oddyseus. B-

Headed back to the hotel. Made a harrowing trek along the highway to Subway, along with Sam, Brianne, Gabe and Krystle. Near-death experiences, including fast-moving cars, freezing weather and an especially villainous lightpost. It was worth it though for Spicy Italian and Herbs and Spices. Tasty.

Went and saw some audition contest for a hefty college scholorship. Some good auditions, excepting one girl who evidently slaughtered Wicked. Had to restrain Talyah and Hannah. "It's the GUY!" was also yelled into my ear whenever "The guy" showed up on stage.

Halo was adjurned earlier tonight, much to my gratitude. Got considerably more sleep.

Didn't have to do much packing, since I did it all the previous night. Hah.

Boarded the bus, went back to UWO and saw some more plays. There were workshops, too, but I didn't feel like going to any of them. (Well, the Stage Combat thing sounded interesting...)

The Life and Death of Larry Benson - Easily the best dramatic acting I saw all weekend, along with a gripping and emotional story. A

The Breakfast Club - Meh. Works far better as a movie. B

The Shadowbox - Worst thing I saw all weekend. Boring plot that didn't move anywhere. Some decent acting from one of the characters, though. C+

The Actor's Nightmare - Hilarious stuff that only a Drama student would get. Very quotable. A-

Headed back to lunch, this time with a far larger group. Played some Three-Dragon Ante, lent to me by Josh for the weekend. Muchos gracias.

Sweeny Todd - Performed by our friends from Homestead. If any of them happen to read this, I'm very sorry about nodding off at parts. Little sleep, accompained by sitting around all day tends to do that. Liked what I saw, though. B+

As You Like It - My second favorite Shakespearian comedy (second to MSND) editted to fit within the time limit. A dissapointment, but some fun singing and dancing. B

Headed home in a very uncomfortable bus ride.

Back in time to see Goblet of Fire with Kyle, Ryan and Josh. I'll post a review later, I suppose. I have one on the Pojo forums somewhere.

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Sion Zhawn said...

Agressive childish response!! XD
OMG, that was a great weekend. Too short though. T_T
We gotta play some Three-Dragon Ante at Strategy Club. ^^
(BTW: Learn to spell people's names right! It's Erikka! Two k's. Lol.)
*still waiting to see you on AIM*