Friday, December 30, 2005

This is the part where I update, right?


Happy Chosen Religious Holiday to you all. I suppose you want to hear about my haul, huh?

Of course you do.
Angelic Layer Thinpak Collection (God bless CLAMP)
Samurai 7 Vol. 1 (God bless GONZO, too)
Scrapped Princess LE Vol. 2+3 (cool figures)
Fruits Basket manga Vol. 6-8 (the best shoujo manga, evar)
Evac (Transformer action figure)
Leobreaker (likewise)
Firefly Complete Season + Serenity
DDM and SWM boosters
Star Wars: Shatterpoint

So then I went and bought some more miniatures, Fruits Basket Vol. 9 (Aya-san!), and Prowl from the Transformers Alternaters line. His rear-view mirror snapped off though, so I had to glue it. I'm a complete ditz when it comes to super-glue, by the way.

So, then I saw Chronicles of Narnia with Josh, since I missed going with Strats Club. Very enjoyable, I'd say. Two days later, I went to see The Producers. Hilarious movie, with some great music. Ending was a bit slow, though.

Went down to Brookfield Square today to trade in some DVDs at Suncoast. Got about 40 bucks in store credit, and proceeded to buy Samurai 7 Vol. 2 and Fruits Basket Vol. 10 (OMGLOL Kisa). Picked up "Star Wars: DNIII - The Swarm War". Can't wait to start it.

Yeah, I managed to double my Fruits Basket collection over the course of a week. Talyah's going to kill me.

I'm wondering if I feel like doing some sort of end-of-the-year retrospective post thing tomorrow. I might. After homework. What? Screw homework. Ew.

Homework. I should get on that. Here, fill out this survey. It's for Psychology.

New avatar. Hanajima-san, the very definition of cool.

Why aren't you reading Fruits Basket yet?

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