Thursday, January 12, 2006

Professional Ball-Changers!

Well. Anything Goes dance rehearsals have started. No problems so far, but we're only just starting. I'm sure I'll break a leg (har!) by dress rehearsal. I already have a sore leg, which I am nursing right now.


I'm ordering Gankutsuou Vol. 2 (and you should, too) along with Volume 1 of Ultramaniac, which I have heard good things about. Right Stuf is having their snazzy 33% off Geneon sale, and that, coupled with the Geneon 10$ rebate offer, I'm essentially getting two DVDs for 23$. I say that's a pretty good deal.

I still have to pick up Hellsing Vol. 7. But stupid Dark Horse sells it for 14$ a book. I mean, I've got Fruits Basket manga to buy for 4$ cheaper. Maybe once I catch up to the English release.

Ultimate Spiderman GN #12 is bad. Don't read it, you'll get hurt. Conversely, Batman: Hush is crazy excellent.

I've managed to catch up all of my grades, so my FST grade is holding firm at a C. I'm exempting the Word&Powerpoint exam for obvious reasons, but stupid Frau won't let me exempt my German exam because she's a slow quiz grader. I don't know if I've complained about my stupid German class before.

It's stupid.

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