Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm tired of these mother@#$%ing ferrets on this mother@#$%ing panel truck!

The best and worst movie of the year releases today. That's right, the movie made famous by loser bloggers everywhere, Snakes on a Plane. I like pop culture phenomena as much as the next guy, but I think I'll skip out on it. Maybe if I can see it for free somehow.

At any rate, School's starting soon. I have a schedule and its kind of neat.

Semester 1:
1st - World Literature (Cool)
2nd - German 4 (This time, with a competent teacher!)
3rd - Study Hall (Yay)
5/6 - Pre-Calculus (I am no longer a year ahead of my class. For shame.)
7/8 - AP American History (Gotta have an AP class)
9 - Study Hall (Sweet)
10 - Physics (Meh)
And one of those Study Halls will be used as a Teacher Assistant period for one of, if not the most awesome teacher ever. I'm of course talking about Stevens.

Semester 2:
1st - Physics
2nd - Pre-Calculus
3rd - German 4
5/6 - AP American History
7/8 - Sociology (Rocking)
9 - Study Hall
10 - Advanced Composition (Classy)

Things look kind of bleak as far as classmates, though, from who I've compared schedules with. Interesting year coming up.

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