Thursday, August 31, 2006

Holy shit, this kid is smart!

School starts tomorrow. Rad. Looking forward to Strats and Dramatic Impact and such.

I played Dreamblade for the first time today and rather liked it. I don't see it having much staying power and will probably go the way of Hecatomb, but the mechanics of the game are fun. The sculpts and paintjobs on the miniatures are subpar at best, which is a bit dissapointing after looking at the gorgeous art in the manual and the boxes.

We grow towards the close of Samurai 7, with only one volume left to collect. Things are getting pretty serious and I'm thinking all rent the original flick once I finish the series.

Le Chevalier D'eon is a pretty awesome anime and I've only seen the first episode. I like how it's almost completely historically accurate. Well, except for the zombies and the gender-switching main character. I'm eagerly awaiting its domestic release so I can give Japan even more of my money.

Ultimate Avengers 2: C
Really boring. Black Panther isn't nearly enough of an interesting character to base a movie around and the villains are a ho-hum pack of characterless aliens. Kind of like the first one. I liked the first movie, but the second is just more of the same and I really can't recommend it to anybody other than Marvel fanatics.

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