Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What happens in TheaterFest stays in TheaterFest.

I cannot wait. TheaterFest is this weekend and it is going to be so awesome. You know why? Because we are seeing a play called Urinetown - The Musical. I can only imagine.

Casion Royale is out this weekend. Will Daniel Craig be able to fill the shoes of the 007 name? Find out Sunday.

So hey, I started House of Leaves today. The typography is really zany and fun to follow. I'm not completely sure where its going, but hey. Meanwhile, Brave New World is alright, though I think I prefered 1984 as far as dystopian novels go.

Strategists Club has finally started up, much to my happiness. Good crop this year with a boatload of clueless Freshman taking dodgy advice from Erikka who has taken up a position of leadership for no reason.

I've played through the entire Megaman X Collection, beating all six of the traditional 2-D games. Good times.

What else? Um, I started dating Therese five months ago today. She is a beautiful girl.

I'm out of ideas. This post will explode the second you finish reading it.


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Sage said...


Urinetown, I belive, has something to do with pay toilets. The guy who wrote it spent some time in France. I'm certian wikipedia has an article on it somewhere.