Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You're all liars! How dare you lie in front of Jesus!

So, you're probably wondering what I've been up to for the past month. If you're really a regular reader (har), you already know what I did. Very little of interest, that's what. Once In The Time of Trolls opened and nothing particularly noteworthy came of that. It wasn't a total disaster and we've really gotten our act together for the kids. The spring production is The Man Who Came To Dinner and I'm hoping for a fairly noteworthy role.

But you don't care about that. You want to hear about... Christmas presents.

The Nintendo Wii with copies of Red Steel and Zelda. Nothing to report that you haven't heard a million times from the average gaming site. I like it, and you should too.

Gundam SEED Destiny DVD 5
Hellsing Ultimate DVD 1
Samurai 7 Final DVD
Scrapped Princess Final DVD
Fruits Basket Vol. 15 (With that prick Akito on the cover)
SWM: Starship Battles stuff (so glad I didn't pay forty bucks for that starter)
Neverwhere (from mother)
House of Leaves
Anansi Boys and Good Omens (from the gf)
1/144 Destiny Gundam model kit
1/144 Palace Athene model kit
Cybertron Menasor (RARGH)
An electric shaver (from father)
20$ Best Buy gift card (from relatives)
20$ Borders gift card (from the awesomest English teacher in the world)
Some money (also from relatives)

Yes, I know I'm a spoiled brat. (Did I use that in last year's Christmas post? I think I did.)

Anyway, onto movies.

I went into this not reading the book, and the movie has done a very poor job of convincing me to do so. A plot that flows like bricks, characters that could have come off an assembly line and directing that could have been some other negative simile. The special effects are pretty though, and its reasonably entertaining if you go in with low expectations. Still not something I'd pay to see again.
Rating: C+

The Boondock Saints
I can't believe I never watched this before. I finally saw it in its entirety, barring a few edits for cable television, and I was rather impressed by it. Witty dialogue and entertaining action make this an exciting romp through blood, explosions and mutilated bodies. Willem Dafoe steals every scene he's in and the other actors are fun to watch. Too short, though and the rules of physics as well as plot are sometimes thrown out the window, however.
Rating: B+

Inuyasha the Movie 4: Fire on Mystic Island
If you have to watch an Inuyasha movie, go watch the third one. The second is passable and first and fourth are terrible. This one basically amounts to a 90-minute TV episode, with the usual stunted character development and lack of plot movement. Avoid.
Rating: C-

Hm, no A grades. For shame, Hollywood.


Sage said...

Yay! An electric shaver! Wow, I can barely contain my excitement.


Nice how you abandoned your previous view of Eragon for a nearly word-for-word replay of my own opinion. With impressive similies added.

The Gr8 Peter of A3ws0m3land said...

1.) You had an amazing role in Trolls.
2.) You really are spoiled.
3.) We should make our own A grade movie.
4.) I might be writing for Pojo's Magic site soon. Go learn to play Magic so you can understand me. XD