Wednesday, January 17, 2007

But we're teenagers! You'd think we'd know this sort of thing!

It's a lot harder to find stuff to do when you're in Germantown and it's a zillion degrees below zero outside than you'd think.

Exams came and went. Aced World Lit, Pre-Calculus and probably German. Looking forward to next semester, which has Sociology and Advanced Composition. Rad.

Auditions for The Man Who Came to Dinner start next week, now that Trolls is over and done with. I'll be very happy to put it to rest myself. I'm very much looking forward to this, my last play with Dramatic Impact ever, so I'm looking to go out with a bang.

If I could get away with just sitting around my house watching Scrubs all day, I think I would be pretty content. For you see, I've recently become addicted to this hilarious dramatic show featuring wise-cracking doctors and zany non-sequitor jokes.

I'm getting sick of people calling me asking if I would like any more information on [random college]. I'm quite happy with the oodles of paperwork thank you very much. Jeeze, getting a decent education shouldn't be this time-consuming.

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Sage said...

Awesome. I think I'm going to audition of 'Man who came to dinner', but no bets on me acutally making it. I've got tons of other stuff to do this semester as well, like that possible library job, and DECA, and me having no study hall...I hope I'll survive.