Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Light Before We Land

Picked up Gunslinger Girl Volume 2 over the weekend. The show continues to rock. Episode 8 especially is very good; it introduces Angelica, quite possibly the most tragic of the girls.

Also got Cybertron Hot Shot. Decent mold, cool weapons and an articulate robot mode. B material.


Dan A said...

Hi, I thought i'd leave the first comment on this blog page, cos it's really depressing reading one and seeing 0 comments.
I really like your columns on pojo, especially the ones about the yugioh spectators, that was funny (and true).
I also like the little bits you did about being in a dunegeon, forced to write on a rusty old typewriter! A bit different from the usual thing.
Keep up the good work, eh?

Dan A said...

Also: yay Penny Arcade and VG Cats, they rock! Other webcomics you might like:

crashlander.com (about games, v.funny)

ctrlaltdel.com (also games)

alphashade.com (a serial comic about a war, with really good story and amazing art.)

Ace of Spades said...

Thanks for the comments. Truth be told, I do this mostly for myself to excercise my mediocre writing. My columns and forum posts are undoubtedly more entertaining, though.

Yes, PA and VG Cats are quite good.

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

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Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

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Cheever said...

Gunslinger is a great show. :) Oh and your columns on pojo...... HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh and where can I buy the DVD from? :)