Sunday, July 03, 2005

Transform And Roll Out!

Just got back from Toys R Us, and they've got Cybertron out before any of my local areas. Wanted to get Vector Prime and Optimus, but they weren't on shelves. I even bothered an employee to check, but didn't get any results. I picked up two Deluxes and a Leader, while my brother assisted my pillaging by picking up a Voyager, formerly known as a mega.

The first of the two Deluxes and the only Autobot I got. Alt mode is a construction vehicle with a front shovel. The Cyber Key is put into the wheels, and little blades come out around it. Neat. Robot mode is good, with some nice poseability. Not bad for 10 bucks. B+

The other deluxe, his alt mode is a Jet. He's rather dissapointing. His robot mode is flimsy. His Cyber Key feature is a nifty gun that pops out of his back and forms one of his robot mode arms. Decent, but the worst of what I got. B-

The Voyager guy. His alt mode is a sort of futuristic racecar with a bulky back area. Very cool. Insert the Cyber Key in the back and two giant bazookas flip over accompanied by sound. Robot mode is big and bulky, bringing to mind the hired muscle of the Decepticons. Surprisingly sturdy and cool. Good for twenty bucks. B+

Ah, the forty dollar leader fig. Looks a bit silly, but is loads of fun once he's out of his cardboard prison. A bunch of colors throw off the evil-look, but the points and fins all over are cool. Three underwhelming Cyber Key features; gun pops out, spikes extend, and jets extend out with lights and sounds. The cool part? He transforms into the Batmobile. It looks just like it with the sweeping fins and large wheels. Very cool. It also transforms into a jet but it doesn't really change much from the car mode. All in all, the best Megatron out of Armada, Energon and Cybertron. A-

The Cybertron toyline looks to be off to a great start, and I can't wait to get my hands on Vector Prime and Optimus. I might also pick up Scourge, who looks very nice.


Dan A said...

Why do you like Transformers? It's like a shitty, dumbed down copy of the Gundam series!
And if robots had the technology to transform into cars or whatever, surely they would do it so that they don't look like a car with legs etc in their humanoid state?

God, you probably like He-Man as well...

Ace of Spades said...

You obviously weren't around for the original Transformers or Beast Wars or Beast Machines. Say what you will about the concept, but the toys are excellent.

The current shows need A LOT of work, though.

The Gaynor? Oh, I get it! You put the word "Gay" in the place of "Pow" when He-Man calls for his power! How clever!

Dan A said...

Hey, I thought it was pretty good. My brother likes She-Man, and I am forced to beat him severely for his idiocy.