Tuesday, August 23, 2005

...and then your God jumps out from behind the bush and says "Gotcha!"

So I finished The Resturaunt and the End of the Universe. Just as good as the first one. I got Life, the Universe, and Everything today, but I haven't started yet. I did start Star Wars: The Joiner King, though. Pretty good.

God, I hate the Pojo Yugioh Tournament Forum. Bunch of stupid, arrogant, pompous assholes who think they're better than everybody else, because they're on some absurdly-named team, like Team Fagcrap or Team Ritz-Bit. It's worse than the Veteran Forum, I tell you.

What else did I want to complain about? Oh yeah, I bought another SWM: Universe booster yesterday. Pulled an Acklay and Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master. Luke kicks all sorts of awesome, but the Acklay can't compare to the Hailfire. I also got a Yuuzhan Vong, finally, and a Vornskyr. Cool beans.

Went to a friend's house today. Played Halo 2. Fun game. Overrated, but fun.

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