Thursday, August 18, 2005

What luck, Quinn!

It would appear that the scheduling goddess has smiled upon me for my Junior year.

Semester 1:
1. Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry
2. Chemistry
3. Comedy/Tragedy
4/5. Microsoft Word & Powerpoint (easy A if I ever saw one)
6. Lunch
7/8. Advanced Psychology (woot)
9. Study Hall
10. German 3

Semester 2:
1. Study Hall
2. American Literature (awesome teacher)
3. Independent Sports
4/5. German 3
6. Lunch
7/8. Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry
9. Chemistry
10. Advanced Psychology

I've already found a decent amount of my friends share parts of my schedule, so it's looking like a good school year.

In other news, SWM: Universe Huge looks great. Check it out here:

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