Thursday, June 29, 2006

And then? Kevin Spacey totally beats the crap out of this guy!

Superman Returns

You know who's a genius? Bryan Singer. And Kevin Spacey. But we'll come back to him. But Bryan Singer, man. First X-Men and now Superman. I'm starting to wonder if this guy can do no wrong. He could direct something about, like, Blue Beetle or Cloak and Dagger and make it a blockbuster. Nobody, and I mean, nobody wants to see a movie about Cloak and Dagger. But this guy could make it work.

It was interesting how they were able to take a complete unknown like Brendan Routh and make him into Superman. He was really great and whenever I picture Clark Kent or Supes, he will come to mind. I can easily see him teaming up Christian Bale for the Batman vs. Superman movie. Which would be effing amamzing.

The film has all of the hallmarks of Superman. Saving frightened citizens from a crashing plane? Check. Deflecting bullets? Check. Using heat vision and frost breath? Check. Getting the girl in the end? Depends on how you look at it, but we'll say check anyway.

This movie's casting really shines with Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. This guy is easily on the same level as Clancy Brown (JL, STAS) when it comes to portrayals of ol' Lexy. He channeled a bit of the Gene Hackman Lex, but only a little, and his one-liners were hilarious. One of the best villains I've seen in a film this year.

Lois Lane is vaguely forgettable, but she did alright. James Marsden makes up for getting killed in X-Men 3 by showing up in Superman's film and I liked his performance, well-done for a character not originally in the comics.

Quite a plot twist at the end with the kid. It'll be very interesting to see where the inevitable sequel takes the storyline.

The only problem I had was the length of the film. It gets pretty laggy at some parts, but when the drama or action picks back up, you forget all about it.

All in all, a worthy sucessor to Christopher Reeves and the Superman legacy.
Rating: A

That's all I've got.


SZhawn said...

So, I'm going through your old posts, and I've got a few comments. Well really only two.
1.) Apples To Apples is a lot funnier (and more fun ^_~) when it's STRIP A2A. At Kenzie's Hobo Party. Lol ensues.
2.) Quote:
"Oh, and I saw it with Therese. Who I love."
End quote.
Holy crap! Are you going out with the twin Therese from DI?! O_o
This world is so weird. Lol. If you are though, g3wd for you d3wd.
BTW: You still need to get a AIM s/n. Hurry it up! XD

Sage said...

Ha-ha. Now we've freaked Peter out. At least, I think that's Peter. Whoever it is, it's freaked out. LOLOLOLOL...Um, right.
(Why does he always think I'm from DI anyway? That's the other twin. Idiot Asian)
Luv U 2, Ace

Megan said...

What the hell, SZhawn? I'M MEGAN, THE ONE FROM DI! Therese is the one from Strats. YOU'RE SO LUCKY YOU GRADUATED, OR I'D HAVE TO SERIOUSLY HURT YOU!

Hi, Ace. Give this message to Peter if he doesn't GET THE MESSAGE!

Deep, calming breaths. Deep, calming breaths.

And now I have to go see Superman. Soon.