Monday, June 12, 2006

The University School auxiliary gym has 1,188 ceiling tiles

I took the ACTs last Saturday. I dominated the English and Reading tests, performed averagely on the Math section and the Science part could go either way. The writing test was all right, though I kind of trailed off for part of it. All in all, I did fine, I'd say. Those were the most boring four and a half hours of my life, though.

Champions of the Force is out and its rather cool, featuring some of the best sculpts and paint jobs I've seen in the game. I got Yoda, Mas Amedda, Ulic-Qel Droma and General Mace F*cking Windu. Awesome, to be sure.

Wow, school's been done for a grand total of 52 minutes and I'm already bored. Oh, I know! A survey!

been kissed: A handful of times
lied to a friend: Yeah
dyed your hair: Never
dressed punk: Don't think so
kissed a girl: Nope
saw something you didn't want to: You can't even begin to fathom some of the things I've seen
danced in the rain: Yes, actually
lied to your parents: Who hasn't?
went barefoot in the snow: No
played hockey: Once or twice
made your own clothes: No
got into a fight: no
taken a shower: yeah
gave a dirty look to someone: yeah
cried: almost
did a cartwheel: no
went to school: yes
shopped: no
danced: yes
got sick: Kind of, yeah
did something you regret: Every day
discovered something new: Sure
act perfect: On occassion
act hyper: Sometimes. Depends who I'm around
are a nerd: To some degree
in band: No
in your pjs: no
drinking: Orange Juice
listening to music: Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony, First Movement thank you very much
watching a movie: no
IMing someone: no
talking on the phone: no
eating: no
hot topic or abercrombie and fitch: Neither
thongs or briefs: um... briefs
boxers anyone: *shrug*
sweatpants or jeans: Jeans
Longsleeved or shortsleeved: Longsleeved, to preserve my white, thin arms
tube tops or tanks: Ew. Neither
current clothes: Black shirt, dark blue jeans, socks
current mood: Contemplative. And bored.
current music: Answered this already
current taste: Orange juice
current make-up: None
current thing I ought to be doing: Nothing at all... I think.
you hugged: Therese
yelled at: My brother.
IMed: Nobody. Ever.
touched: I shook hands with Ryan just now
coffee or hot chocolate: Hot Chocolate. Definetely. Damn, I wish I had some right now.
big or little: Depends, but usually little.
lace or satin: Both are equally classy.
new or old: Depends
Vogue or Cosmopolitan: I'm starting to think I'm not the target audience of this survey.
skirt or dress: Do you mean, like, on other people? Depends.
wool or cotton: cotton
[DO YOU...]
put on a "front": Occasionaly. Depends on who I'm with.
have a crush on somebody: Immensely
if you got a tattoo, where would you get it: I'd never get one.
what is the online symbol you use most: An ace of spades, or that avatar of Saki Hamajima I used to have
you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Girlfriend
who's hotter, Josh Hartnett or Chad Michael Murray: I do not know these people
what was the last thing you said: something about web comics
who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with: Hm. Therese. Either her or George Lucas, Stephen Colbert or John Stewart. Maybe Neil Gaiman.
do you like stickers: no
do you play with mad libs: not in a while
are you suicidal: no
is your window open: Yes. There are birds chirping.
what was the last pair of shoes you bought: sneakers
do you have a little brother: Not one, but two.
what do you think of when you hear the word click: That stupid Adam Sandler movie
do you like trampoline: Only a terrorist wouldn't like trampolines
have you ever accidentally sucked something up in the vacuum: 0_o
did you see American Pie 2: Like, five minutes of it
do you cut yourself: No...

Oh yeah, I'm seeing Cars as well as The Da Vinci Code this week, the latter being with the current love of my life (guess which one I'm looking forward to more). I think I'll review both of them, because that's how I roll.

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Guess said...

Chad Michal Murry is way hotter! *irritating fangirl squeel* Um, yeah. Aside from that, I'm mildy offended at the thought that you would enjoy spending time with a guy who can only speak though a computer as much as with me. Not that I have anything against people who speak though computers, and he is a genius, but still. And I'm a little worried about this 'been kissed a couple of times' yet 'kissed a girl- never'. On the other hand, you dancing in the rain sounds...interesting. I'd like to have seen that. So anyway, my curiosity has been piqued. Was it worth is for a few moment's entertainment? You decide.
Imagine you've been kissed by a girl.