Saturday, September 09, 2006

Introducing the new Chrysler Didgeridoo - Drive in style.

School's exciting. For now. Auditions are next week. Once In The Time of Trolls, and Sunday Tea with Desiree. The former being the traveling children's show and the latter being the TheaterFest competition piece.

The release tournament for SWM: Bounty Hunters is quickly approaching. I'm hoping to make it. I finished up Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines and it was pretty good. This is about the first Star Wars novel I can think of that portrays Boba Fett as an actual person with feelings rather than just a badass bounty hunter with a jetpack. Not that he's not that anymore, but he is getting up there in the years.

In my need to quench my thirst for everything Neil Gaiman, I started on Anansi Boys which is actually hilarious, compared to Neverwhere and American Gods. He's really got some versatility.

I can't wait for Strats to start; I got this awesome campaign idea that I can't wait to introduce.

Casino Royale is starting to look really good, and most of my reservations regarding the new Bond, Daniel Craig, have been averted. I am so ready to kick off the fall movie season.

Adult Swim finally gets out of the summer funk with Bleach and Trinity Blood premiering tonight, in addition to more new episodes of Eureka Seven. Looking forward to that.

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