Sunday, September 17, 2006

My agent is so fired.

You know what this web journal needs? More surveys.

1. Seven things I plan to do before I die.
- Get married to the love of my life
- Maybe have a kid or two
- Publish a semi-successful novel
- Visit at least four countries not currently on this land mass
- Be in some classy Broadway production
- Show up on TV somehow
- I dunno, graduate college and get a half-way decent job

2. Seven things I can do.
- Write fairly well
- Dance to some degree
- Act
- Recite useless trivia
- Read really quickly
- Listen to people and their stupid problems
- Math, especially Trig. And English. And History.

3. Seven things I can't do.
- Get into a fight
- Feel completely confident about something
- Make somebody do something they don't want to do
- Sing well. But I'm going to keep doing it, dammit.
- Science outside of Chemistry
- Take something from somebody for nothing
- Think on my feet.

4. Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex.
- Intelligence
- Good sense of humor/witty
- Shares at least some interests
- Tolerant of my personality quirks, as well as having some of her own
- Looks past appearances
- Dark hair (There's some other superficial stuff, but that's the big one)
- Adventurous on occassion

5. Seven things I say the most.
- "Awesome"
- "Zany"
- Censoring my own curse words
- Random Pop Culture Reference
- "Really." (in a droll, uninterested voice)
- *strokes non-existant goatee*
- "Oh for the love of..."

6. Seven celebrity crushes.
Can't really think of any. There are a multitude of celebs I would love to simply hang out with though.

7. Seven things that make me uncool.
- Extensive useless trivia
- I listen to music that nobody would ever listen to in a million years
- I get a kick out of doing Trigonometry
- I check my e-mail compulsively, whether I'm expecting something or not
- I can recite an in-depth history of the Star Wars universe starting with the Battle of Yavin 4 and ending with the Second Corellian Insurrection
- I'm very excited about doing Teacher Assistance work
- I play Collectable Miniature Games competitively

I got a part in Trolls. I am simply "Man". I'm rather dissapointed with this development, but it at least preserves my perfect record. I would have liked to get into the competition piece, but children's plays are fun, too.

I rearranged my bedroom the other day. It will henceforth be known as "The Great Dust Bunny Migration of '06".

There was something else I wanted to write, but this entry is long enough as it is.

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Sage said...

Oooh! Oooh! We can go to TUNSANIA for our honeymoon (that sould kill two birds with one stone)! And, um, do soemthing illegal there (they've got a bunch of sets from Tatoonie on Star Wars...think of the possibilites!). Then we'd get on TV...not to mention see the inside of a Tunsanian jail.

And you can't write. *Ace's fragile ego shatters*. Opps. I mean, you...write WONDERFULLY. So wonderfully all of us on fictionpress can't properly respond to it (yeah, that. Maybe it just isn't your best work. Try the essay section, the Yugioh stuff was funny)

I can't doing anything within Chemistry. Between the two of us, we must make some freaky science adept weirdo.

What is this 'adventure' of which you speak?

Oh gods. Now we've got a bunch of migrant dust bunnies? They'll get over the boarder and take jobs from good hard-working American dust bunnies!

And all that.

One day I will write a reply to your blog that is at least as long as the blog entry. One day...