Tuesday, May 09, 2006

AP Psychology is a Comedy Bistro

So I'm taking an AP test tomorrow, one that I have done minimal studying for. I'm somewhat worried about the multiple-choice portion, which is a hundred questions in seventy minutes. But I'm confident I'll make up for it in the free response essay section, because let's face it, I'm awesome at writing. Ask every single English teacher I've ever had.

Enough with the bragging. I know what you really want to hear about. That's right, my Transformers action figure collection. I picked up Cybertron Defense Scattorshot the other day and he is damn cool. He's got a weapon sticking out of, like, every orifice on his body, so it's easy to picture him waltzing into a Decepticon base and absolutely murdering everybody. Also got Scrapmetal, who might as well be called Rumble for his ground-pounder arms. All in all, a very cool Scout class.

It's occurred to me that I'm slipping in my posting duties on Pojo. Where I was once ranked the 73rd highest poster out of 20000, I'm now 149th out of 35562. The fact that all of the cool people, save some of the mods, have disappeared kind of accounts for that though. Also, I no longer post in the Yu-gi-oh! area, where a good chunk of my early posts came from.

I own at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, by the way. I'm not a nerd, just a geek. Nerds don't have friends, whereas geeks do. Or at least I think they're my friends. I mean, I don't get them anything for Christmas or remember their birthdays.

Party at Mrs. Stevens's house? YOU BETCHA. Be there and be square.

I think I'll change my banner tonight.

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