Monday, May 29, 2006

Hitcha witcha own pimp!

X-Men 3: The Last Stand
He says it.

The thing.

Juggernaut says the thing.

I haven't done a movie review thing in a while. There haven't really been any new movies that warranted it, but this was pretty big and I'm bored so let's do it.

Going into it with little knowledge or dedication to the original comic version, I didn't think it was as bad as everybody was saying. The premise of the film is a logical progression from the previous film, and the Dark Phoenix plot was fit in pretty well.

I think one of the main problems is that they tried to squeeze in to many characters and subplots. It makes for a rather convoluted film to the uninitiated. There are a good amount of cameos and winks to the fans, like the character of Trask and the Sentinels in the Danger Room.

One of my big troubles was that Scott/Cyclops is majorly given the shaft in the film. He doesn't do much until Phoenix kills him, and even after that nobody seems to give it a second thought. That moves nicely into my other grievance. I thought the Wolverine/Phoenix romance was kind of silly, which is why I'm glad there wasn't much of it shown. It's better than Wolverine and Storm at least.

Oh yeah, speaking of Storm, Halle Berry thinks way too highly of herself. She's fine as Storm, but she doesn't seem to realize that the movie isn't just about her.

On the other end of casting, Kelsey Grammar as the Beast is pure genius. He steals every scene he's in and in my opinion nailed the character. Also Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are up to their usual levels of awesome.

Charles dying threw me for a loop, but I can live with it. He apparently is still alive anyway. And they might as well have killed off all of the mutants that lost their powers, but Magneto's final scene suggests that they'll get them back.

Wow, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat is sickeningly cute. Her chase scene with Juggernaut is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Juggernaut was handled fine, I thought. Making him the half-brother of Charles and incorporating his true origin story would have just messed up the film. I've gotta wonder how they chose the other mutants though. Arclight? Quill? Spyke? Why not Avalanche or Quicksilver?

Hugh Jackman is up to his usual style as Wolverine. He could easily carry his own movie.

Out of the three final battles of the movies, I think this is just the most fun to watch. The choreographing and special effects are amazing.

It's not the best of the franchise, but it's still a fine film. Comic fans just need to loosen up a bit.

Rating: B+

So there was this Strats party on Saturday. Way fun. Bocce ball was amusing, and we played some half-hearted badminton. We were going to play with the frisbee, but Therese had to throw it on the roof. Ms. Stevens has a snazzy house. It's the kind of house I'd have if I had a house.

We sat around and talked for a while, until we decided to go for a walk. Not much happened until we went and stole wood from the neighbors. And then some wierd kid came out and bothered us. We ignored him, per Ms. Stevens's orders.

There was a bonfire. I went home with ash in my hair. Then she kicked us out because we're not seniors yet. It took a while for my ride to get here so I just hung with them and talked about Fullmetal Alchemist and D&D and stuff. I made a pretty funny joke, I guess. Mike had a cool cape thing. There was cake. Messy cake. Ms Stevens's neighbors think we're a bunch of witches. Then I went home and proceeded to be bored all night.

The finale to Ghost in the Shell: SAC was pretty good I guess. I like how they killed Gohda at the end.

Sunday, I went to see X-Men 3. But you already heard about that.

Monday sucked. Really, it did. I went over to Josh's house to play some half-hearted D&D. We soon put a stop to that and I guess Cody's going to do some D20 Modern game involving Zombies and Russians and stuff.

Myeah. I'm not even going to spellcheck this entry.

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