Sunday, April 24, 2005

Get the hell out of my house

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 24: "Bonding Memories"
Another emotional episode. The Ishbal colony is attacked and they have to find a new hiding spot. Again. Al stumbles upon them and has and interesting conversation with Scar who also makes a return. Al and Scar make a good team. Cool scene when they storm the hideout. The lightning alchemist had a nifty attack and I thought Rick was going to die. Nope, turns out the locket was right where the dagger was. Should've seen that one coming. Ed's question was sort of a cop-out. It wasn't the huge revelation that I thought it was going to be.
Rating: B

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex - Episode 24 "Annihilation"
Pretty cool episode. A Tachikoma shows up. Yay. Lots of great action and I swear to God, if Aramaki dared to betray Section 9, he loses his Cool-Character status. You heard me. It's nice to see Togusa back on his feet. The scenes with the robots and soldiers were very well-animated. I didn't expect to see them followed, even though the first one they catch is some boring member whose name I don't even know. It'll be very interesting to see what goes on in Episodes 25 and 26.
Rating: A

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