Sunday, April 24, 2005

SPD, Emergency! Shadow Ranger!

Power Rangers SPD - Episode 12: "Shadow Pt. 2"
Awesome. Perhaps the best episode so far. I loved how VR spliced in Senati footage with some new action during the countdown. I barely noticed the transition. Good morphing sequence for Shadow as well. It sounds like Gruumm's actually going to get serious as well. Huge plot twist at the end. Benga didn't kill Cruger's wife? Didn't see that one coming. Great acting all around from the actors, especially Cruger's. Piggy continues to be funny. Great episode.
Rating: A

W.I.T.C.H. - Episode 13: "Stop the Presses"
The show continues to not dissapoint. Several funny moments, especially with poor Irma. That Martin, a funny character. The scenes in the newspaper room were also amusing, with Taranee the only one who actually wanted to write. Animation continues to be nice and overral it's an entertaining show so far. Blunk's getting on my nerves though.
Rating: B+

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