Sunday, April 17, 2005

Where SEED ends, my Web Journal shall begin.

Reviews for the weekend ending 4/17/05.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Episode 50: "To A Future that Never Ends"
Eh... Episode 49 was better.
The episode was still excellent though. Most of the voice actors did their best work in these last couple of episodes. Freedom vs. Providence was pretty cool, but it wasn't as suspenseful because Kira has the Freedom, and the Freedom never loses. EVER. Athrun and Cagalli have somewhat of a closure, as she manages to save Athrun from killing himself. Justice goes boom and destroys GENESIS. Flay dies in Lalah fashion and comes to Kira in a dream (without a digital bakini, no less). Patrick is killed by a soldier who knows what's right and Lacus sits on the bridge and yells at people and worries. Everything up until the final couple of minutes was great, but then it fell flat. Kira, Cagalli and Athrun only barely have closure, and none of the other characters have conclusions. Of course, they come back in Destiny two years later. ZAFT enters into a cease-fire with the EA, but we see how long that one lasts.
Rating: A-
Bring on Destiny, Bandai!

Power Rangers SPD - Episode 11: "Shadow Pt. 1"
Shadow Part 1 was pretty good. Flsshbacks showing that Cruger can fight were nice. Some good acting work out of John Tui and Kat's actress. Jack takes on an Orangehead and the others go take on the monster from Deka episode 1 for some reason. Piggy as a millionaire was pretty funny. Broodwing does stuff and flashbacks show that Gruumm can be bad-arse when he wants to be.
Rating: A-
Can't wait for next week. The promo looks awesome.

W.I.T.C.H. - Episode 12: "The Princess Revealed"
After hearing the hype about the series, I figured I'd check out an entire episode instead of just catching it where I could.
I liked it. It has a catchy opening theme, with some good animation. I managed to read up on what's been going on, so I was able to understand the plot. It's got the standards of magical girl series and pre-teen situations, such as the crushes and schoolwork. The search for Elyon seems like an interesting plot point and I'm interested to see why exactly Phobos is so intent on getting her. Well-done action scenes with more nice animation. Dig the character designs, and voice acting.
Rating: B+
This is one I'll be watching.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 23: "Heart of Steel"
A nice break from the craziness that's been going on in the series so far. Hughes was hilarious, Winry made an appreciated return, and everything seems to be settling back down. Or is it? Al's voice actor pulls off a great performance and it made me believe that Al's thinking something as ridiculous as what the Chopper suggested to him. Now I'm just intrigued to know what it really is that Ed needs to tell Al. And just what is the full story around the laboratory? Who were those guys breaking out at the end of episode 22? And what of Scar and the Sins?
Rating: B+
Those who would spoil the rest of the series suffer punishment of death.

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex - Episode 23: "Equinox"
A big episode for information on the whole Laughing Man incident. What's especially good here is that they cram a lot of information and talking into a single episode, yet make it still interesting. The series really does need repeated viewings to understand what was going on. I liked how they even worked the Interceptors from a couple episodes back into the story. Huge plot twist at the end. That wasn't the Laughing Man, it was Matoko! Didn't see that one coming.
Rating: A-
Where are those Tachikomas anyway? It's like they just forgot about that plotline.

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