Saturday, April 30, 2005

You failed your Will save. You feel compelled to read this.

Power Rangers SPD - Episode 13: "Abandoned"
A lot of this episode followed the Dekaranger episode shot-for-shot. The acting wasn't as good as the last episode, though DC is still pretty cool. Baskins was a fun character and I wouldn't be dissapointed if he showed up again. Not a bad filler episode.
Rating: B
Digging the new opening. Looks like Shadow gets the ATV. Next week looks to be pretty good. DekaBaseRobo makes its appearance.

W.I.T.C.H. - Episode 14: "Parent's Night"
And here's the payoff. Excellent episode this morning with plenty of action and drama to go around. Elyon learns of her heritage and is caught between Cedric and the Witches. Very suspenseful to see which path she chooses. She finally meets up with Phobos who puts on the nice, wonderful brother act. Elyon unwittingly leads the Witches and Caleb into a fight with a spider for some reason. Oh yeah, Caleb vs. Cedric was a bad-ass scene. And when I say bad-ass, I mean awesome.
Rating: A-
Next week seems to be an aftermath kind of thing.

Gundam SEED Destiny - Episode 27: "The Unreaching Feelings"
Found this rather boring. We learn that Djibril and Neo are in cahoots, and they've got the Destroy Gundam coming in from Russia, which Dulindal seems to have a hand in. Interesting. No change in Stellar's condition, though Auel seems to be aware that something is missing in their group. Orb and the EA launch another attack on the Minerva and the Archangel is on it's way to join the battle.
Rating: B-

In other news, today's D+D session was eventful. Our resident dwarf fell in battle, and the rest of the party continues in their search for the spy in the King's town. We find him quickly enough, and he takes the form of a demon. Yah. After a great struggle and a couple well-placed spells, we manage to defeat him. I gain a level. Yay.


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