Friday, June 24, 2005

Мои глупые вхождения журнала

Teen Titans - Episode 48: "Overdrive"
Cyborg episodes are usually boring, slow and uneventful. This one was no different. We've seen Cyborg use crazy contraptions before, and there wasn't much done this time that was different. His schedule scenes though were amusing, as was his fight with Adonis (who's still a loser villain, by the way). Billy Numerous was bothersome and slightly creepy; talk about your narcissists. The final battle was cool, but could have been better. Not to mention it's implausibility. Underwhelming.
Rating: C

Justice League Unlimited - Episode 21: "Hunter's Moon"
Enjoyable episode. I was glad to see what had become of the Thanagarians after "Starcrossed" and it didn't dissapoint. Shayera's reaction to the defeat of her race, and Hro's death was heartbreaking, especially in her VA's delivery of the line. I never cared much for Vixen before and she didn't do anything for me this time, either. Admittedly, I liked her better this time, than in "Wake the Dead". The ending was a bit of a cop-out, but I'll take it. I wonder which relationship is still going. Vigilante stole the show with his "cowboy-isms" and his lines. Great moment when he pilots the Thanagarian starfighter.
Rating: B+

Samurai Champloo - Episode 6: "Stranger Searching"
Hilarious episode. The Eating contest was the best part and I honestly yelled "No, Fuu!" when she was going to smack the fly. The Dutch guy was amusing. Nice how he hopes that the world will be more accepting of people like him in the future. Oh, if he only knew. At any rate, the tour was a bit dull, but it picked up around the fireworks and the resturaunt. Weird seeing subtitles on Adult Swim, but they worked out. Nice episode.
Rating: B+

Paranoia Agent - Episode 4: "A Man's Path"
Not quite as good as 2 and 3, but a good episode. The twisted cop was an interesting change of pace from the other characters. Very creepy character as well. For a middle-aged fat guy he was pretty good at robbing people. The manga montage was amusing. I was rather surprised to see the Lil' Slugger get beaten like that, but I'm betting it's not the real one and just a copycat. The tense part was when he robs the family and the girl comes back from school. I don't want to know what happened after that. Good episode.
Rating: B+


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