Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Take your reviews, you Godless Heathens

Samurai Champloo - Episode 4: "Hellhounds for Hire Pt. 2"
Excellent finish for a two-parter. Several cool battles as always and the scene where Fuu is taken by the ugly guy was particularly funny. The two gangs resolving the conflict with the roll of a die was interesting, along with Fuu and Jin meeting at the occasion. Also amusing how Mugen randomly comes in for no reason and starts killing people. I didn't see the point to the last scene, though. Sosuke's father killing himself as payment was something I didn't see coming.
Rating: B+

Paranoia Agent - Episode 2: "Golden Shoes"
I see the dog plush is up to it's old tricks again. The plot with Ichi was rather more interesting than Tsukiko's but I'm glad she's staying in the story. The two reporters look like recurring characters as well. The fat kid really bothered me for some reason and I didn't blame Ichi for hating him. After he was wishing that Lil Slugger would come and beat him, I quietly gasped as Slugger slowly glided past Ichi. Ichi's later acid trip was freaky and it ends with him getting beaten with the bat as well. My mind was working furiously throughout this entire episode.
Rating: A-
I'm hooked.

Teen Titans - Episode 46: "The Prophecy"
Very creepy. About the creepiest thing Teen Titans has ever done. Any battle involving Slade was excellently choreographed and animated. Raven's excursion to Azaroth was cool, as was meeting her mother. And we see the true powers of Trigon, who is revealed as the villain. Raven vs. Slade Round 2 was very cool, I thought she was actually going to kill ol' Wilson. Then he makes an escape after pointing out her friends' terror. The battle with the ghouls was well animated but I got tired of it about halfway through. What could Slade be bargaining for with Trigon? His son? Terra? His life?
Rating: B+

Justice League Unlimited - Episode 19: "Double Date"
I liked "Double Date" much more than "The Balance". I've been waiting to see Huntress in the series, and what do you know, she's kicked out in her intro episode. She seemed a tad out of character as well. Glad to see The Question again, and he was just as much fun as he was in "Fearful Symmetry". Can't wait to see more of him. His car and the connection between girl scouts and crop circles was hilarious. Green Arrow shows up again with Black Canary in tow, who seem to be much more than friends. Each "couple" trying to outwit each other was fun to watch. The battle between Huntress and Canary was cool as was Arrow vs. Question. Finally, I thought Mandragora was pretty cool as a villain.
Rating: B+

And as a bonus...

Gundam SEED Destiny - Episode 33: "The World Revealed"
Dullindal's speech on LOGOS was cool and I can't wait to see how it turns out. When the portraits were scrolled across, the position above Lord Djibril was missing. I'm betting it's Dullindal himself. Looks like Shinn's serious about taking out the Freedom and Kira. I hope he suceeds, somebody needs to knock the uber-pilot down a notch. The scene where Neo wakes up was well-done. I'm really looking forward to more interaction with poor Murrue. I really hope that Mwu returns to his old self for her sake. Yeah, I'm a sucker for that sort of romance.
Rating: B+
The Minerva is ordered to exterminate the Archangel next week. Can't wait.

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