Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Veritable Buffet of Pointless Reviewing

Power Rangers SPD - Episode 18: "Samurai"
Saturday's episode was decent filler. The whole "samurai in modern times" story was interesting to watch and Jack vs. Cruger was a well-done plot. I saw the fake Shadow Saber thing coming from a mile away, though. Also, the giant drawer thing is about one of the most ridiculous things I've seen on the show. And I saw the episode where TJ was baked into a giant pizza. Overral, good development for Jack.
Rating: B
Next week looks fudging awesome. Grumm vs. Cruger. My heart skipped a beat just typing that.

Teen Titans - Episode 47: "Stranded"
A real 180 turn from last week. I didn't really care for Starfire and Robin's plot. I was pretty sure that the two of them already knew their relationship up until now, when Star started acting rather childish. Though Robin's side was fairly realistic. Cyborg and Beast Boy's plot was the real winner here, though. Reconstructing Cyborg into Giant Robo and BB getting the character's outfit was a hilarious reference as was Cyborg trying to dictate his instructions so BB would understand them. Raven's subplot was fairly average, but it was nice to see her calm and relaxed after the past couple of episodes.
Rating: B+

Justice League Unlimited - Episode 20: "Clash"
Yeah, it was damn good. It was really cool seeing Captain Marvel and I thought the way he was written was excellent and his voice-actor did a marvelous job. Superman and Batman discussing Luthor over a standard meta-human bust was great to watch. I was in suspense the whole time at Luthor's press conference. I literally had no idea if Lex was telling the truth. The battle between Supes and Marvel was one of the best that the show has ever done and Marvel proved himself to be really powerful. The resolution was great, and it was interesting to see that Superman was wrong. Then they go and say that it was a set-up which I honestly didn't see coming. Captain Marvel's final speech was powerful and it shows what's happened to the JL lately.
Rating: A-

Samurai Champloo - Episode 5: "Artistic Anarchy"
This is one of the better episodes so far. Several hilarious moments all around. I didn't see the ending coming, though. Who knew that the old guy was the one running the slave ring the whole time? Mugen had some funny moments, and the secret police officer was amusing; I liked how he was the narrator for the episode. The show has a very good storytelling method - the three heroes all go on seperate adventures, only to realize that their own quests were actually all connected. Good stuff.
Rating: B+

Paranoia Agent - Episode 3: "Double Lips"
Episode 3 was just as good as the second. The two different personalities really kept me guessing throughout the whole episode, and I couldn't help but think too hard about some things in the background looking for symbolism. William's Street was pretty brave with this episode, what with the whole graphic prostitution shindig. Great finisher as well. I always end up holding my breath, waiting for Lil Slugger to show up and whack the character.
Rating: A-

Gundam SEED Destiny - Episode 34: "Nightmare"
It rocked hard. With all the research, preperation and pure indomitable ferocity, Shinn easily deserves his victory. After everything that Kira has taken from him (rather by accident or otherwise), one can hardly fault Shinn for his rage at Kira and his Gundam. Talia and Murrue's brief conversation was interesting and Neumann's quarter barrel roll around the Minerva was pretty awesome, but everybody was paying attention to Kira vs. Shinn. One of the best Gundam fights I've seen in a while, Shinn pulled off some truly inovative moves. First he throws his shield and shoots it with the beam rifle; the beam richochets and hits Kira. Then he splits the Gundam and rams the Chest Flyer into Kira, blowing it up with the Core Splendor's vulcans, then re-forming in the air while Kira is crashing. Finally, he calls for the Sword Silhoutte and doesn't even switch packs; he just pulls off the Excalibur and slices through the Freedom's shield and into the torso. Meanwhile, the Minerva supposedly blows up the Archangel with the Tannhouser. Pure awesome.
Rating: A+
It'll be great to see Kira get out of this one. Sure he escaped the Strike Gundam when it exploded, but this is a farking NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. Of course Kira will make it out so he can pilot the Strike Freedom, but gosh darnit, he'd better have something to remember this battle by.And what of the Archangel? Somehow I don't think Murrue's Miraculous Bouncing Boobies (TM) are going to help the crew this time.

In honor of awesome Gundam SEED Destiny, a new avatar has been issued for your pleasure. Yes, I know Range Murata girl is cute, but this was just too awesome not to make an avatar of. She understands.

Also, I have grown much too lazy to continue reviewing W.I.T.C.H. and Trinity Blood. Eh, I say.

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