Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Die Zeit für Revolution ist gekommen.

So, exams started today.

Start off with a healthy dose of German, in which I undoubtedly performed averagely. It was multiple choice, which helped somewhat, because I would have failed easily had it been a writing test.

Next, I wandered off to Information Technology, which, contrary to what the title might tell you, has nothing to do with Information or technology of any form. Ergo, my loathing of the class. I don't think I did very well on the mechanics and electricity portion, but the computer sections was incredibly easy, so I will probably salvage a C in that class. I mean, I didn't do any of the Screen Printing or this Design Problem contraption.

Third part of the day involved me waiting in the cafeteria, due to my exempting my Language + Literature exam. Repeated "A" papers and tests tend to do that. The exam would have been a breeze, though, so it might have been fun to take it just for fun. But then again, that would increase my hatred for the class and the students, so I don't think that would be the best idea. And that's totally a subject for a different entry. I'll have way more ranting time over the summer.

At any rate, the cafeteria. I wasted money on various snacks and drinks from the local vendimatoriums which inexplicably give me food and drink when I put in too much money. It was worth it, however, for Andy Capp's legendary Cheddar Fries. A celebration was in order. I contented myself with finishing up the History Review sheet, but got bored of it around Louis XVI.

So I stealthily stole (read: begged to borrow) my friend's PSP. Metal Gear Ac!d was already loaded up and so I played around in the game none-too seriously. Creative game, and it's a shame people don't like it more. I think it's the arbitrary exclamation point that does them in.

Then I headed home on some scary and unfamiliar autobus, much different from my typical ride. See, on exam days, the bus system is screwed up so much that children end up boarding the wrong buses and ending up in the completely wrong place. Shanghai, for example. My crazy new bus driver eventually ended up on my street and I happily ran the hell home.

And that was my day. I dunno, I felt like writing something other than the objective reviews I typically do.

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