Saturday, June 11, 2005

The End of an Era

At any rate, I went through three more exams yesterday and today. World History was up first, and it was very easy. I'll sound like a huge nerd, but I really enjoy taking 300-question tests for some reason. Relaxing. The test itself covered Europe from The Enlightenment to the end of WWII, a fun period in history.

Biology was up next, which turned out to be easier than I was expecting. Yay. Today I had Advanced Algebra which went all right I think. I had just reviewed for an hour beforehand, so I shouldn't do too bad.

And now school's out. What to do for the next three months...

Oh yeah, Fruits Basket. Good show.


Anonymous said...


Ace I <3 you! =D

-Avid YGO reader OMG MARRY ME!1!ONE!!!

Anonymous said...

you suck omg j/k