Friday, June 24, 2005

I Know You're Out There.

My local stores have apparently adopted a 100% Transformers: Cybertron-free policy, so I'll have to wait until I return from vacation to get my hands on anything.

Oh yeah, vacation. I leave tommorow for the region of the United States commonly referred to as "Up-North". Specifically, to an old cabin on a lake wherein I sit around and read or walk around on the abandoned roads. Computer free, the Eagle River region is completely devoid of anything that could remotely be considered "gaming" or "anime". No problem, I have the Star Wars NJO to finish up, and I'll undoubtedly find more books in the local stores. I get back in a week.

Finally, I should have a new article thrown up (heh) on Pojo later today. Go read it. I manage to take a fairly humorous idea and completely screw it up.

Also, today's Penny Arcade is funny. It's on the sidebar thing.

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