Monday, May 30, 2005

Batter Up

Justice League Unlimited - Episode 18: "The Balance"
And we come to the "Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl become friends again" episode. Flash was hilarious at the beginning as he always is. Hermes was also an amusing character, and it was funny to see them try to get around mentioning "hell". I found it rather hard to believe that WW would just try to steal Hawkgirl's mace. Speaking of which, Hawkgirl needs to go get a new costume. Or something. I never cared for felix as a villain, but he served his purpose this time around. It was pretty cool when Hades arrives and beats the crud out of him. What shall become of Tala I wonder? This is a real hit against Cadmus, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do about it.
Rating: B

Samurai Champloo - Episode 3: "Hellhounds for Hire"
Funny start with Jin and Mugen making their escape from Fuu. Also amusing how they all end up meeting later at once. Jin and Mugen getting hired by opposite sides and ending up fighting each other was great, as was Jin's disguise. I can say this from experience; never mess with a crossdresser.
Rating: B+

Paranoia Agent - Episode 1: "Enter Lil' Slugger"
Vely intelesting.It does seem to be along the lines of FLCL and GitS:SAC. I have to wonder what the heck CN's problem with subtitles is. It could really help make the plot easier to understand. At any rate, it's very creepy and the dirty reporter is a much more interesting character to follow rather than the two police investigators. I'll keep watching this in hopes of a definitive ending.
Rating: B

Too lazy to review Gundam SEED Destiny and Trinity Blood. In short, both were good episodes.

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