Monday, May 02, 2005

Blatant and Shameless Promotion

I might have mentioned my having a job. You can see the fruits of my labor here, on the fine gaming site of

In other news, FOX showed stuff last night, after crawling back to Seth Mcfarlane to make more cartoons for them. I don't feel like processing, so I'll give them nice, little rating things.

7:00 Simpsons: C
7:30 Simpsons: B+ (one of the better ones lately)
Family Guy: B+ (nice to see Seth's still got it, mysterious absense of Quagmire factor is dissapointing)
American Dad: B (better than the pilot at any rate)

Like you care. Or maybe you do. Really, it's not like I get payed to do this and I'm certianly not charging you to read it. Though maybe I should.

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