Thursday, May 05, 2005

So How About That Internet?

Gundam SEED Destiny - Episode 28: "Life Remaining and Life Scattered"
This episode rawked. Athrun vs. Kira was a great battle, something we haven't seen since the first half of SEED. Freedom trashed the Saviour. At least Athrun didn't self-destruct this time. I was a bit worried that Lunamaria was going to get the axe when her Zaku blew up, but it seems the medics know how to do their job. Rey continuing on in a one-armed Zaku was also cool, and now he's minus two limbs. Time for some replacement suits. For the first time in the series, I actually sympathised with Cagalli and, after seeing all of her troops and friends dying in battle, I understand her goal now. The Murasame pilots were some of the most interesting soldiers I've seen. We get two character deaths as well. Auel gets a beam javelin through the cockpit and Colonel Todaka heroically goes down with the ship after owning Jona.
Rating: A
Looks like the next episode will tell of the relationship between Dulindal, Rey and Rau.

Trinity Blood - Episode 1: "Flight Night"
Downloaded this one tonight. Looks to be very good. The character designs are nice and the animation is good. The best part by far is the music however. It uses some nice chorus pieces and then using symphonic or techno themes. This Abel character reminds me a lot of Vash the Stampede, except as a vampire. The rivalry between the two cardinals and the indecision of the Pope seems like it'll be an interesting side story. I'm very looking forward to learning more about the war with the vampires and stuff. I'll keep up with this one to be sure.
Rating: A-

Yeah, I'm done with Tsubasa Chronicle. Not very interesting from the three episodes I viewed.

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