Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Garcon? *snap, snap* More Cheese Whiz.

Power Rangers SPD - Episode 14: "Wired Pt. 1"
It was alright. It was obvious that the cadet had something to hide. It was cool seeing B Squad training their eventual successors. This new general is pretty cool and I'm looking forward to seeing what Gorodon is really capable of. Even though I saw it in DekaRanger. Some nice American footage as well. Delta Command Megazord is a fine name, and next week should be awesome.
Rating: B+

W.I.T.C.H. - Episode 15: "The Mudslugs"
Stupid episode name. A rather typical "member leaves the team" episode. There was little doubt that Cornelia would return at the end of the episode, and I think things were resolved a bit too nicely. Oh well. Still a decent episode, and the various reactions to her leaving were good. Phobos continues to play the part of the gracious host, but we'll see how long that lasts.
Rating: B
No new episode next week. Drat.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 26: "Her Reason"
A bit of a letdown after last week. We basically meet who I'm guessing is Ed and Al's teacher, based on the next episode preview. A decent amount of filler, though nowhere near the same level as the episodes from the previous arc.
Rating: B-
Too bad we won't be seeing any more episodes for a while

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex - Episode 26: "Stand Alone Complex"
I enjoyed the first part of the episode with Togusa. Back to his normal life, forever wondering what happened to his friends. I'm not sure what he was planning on doing with the gun and jacket, but Batou apparently stopped him. Surprising to see the male part of the group back together as if nothing happened. Ishikawa mocking Batou was funny though. The conclusion with the Laughing Man/Aoi was good enough for the time they had. I would have liked to see Aoi take them up on their offer, if only to see more and learn about him in Second Gig. The final couple of minutes were done nicely, I'm guessing it leads right into 2Gig.
Rating: B+
Bring on the Second Gig.

Gundam SEED Destiny - Episode 29: "FATES"
Blast! Suckered into another clip show. I've seen Nicol die more often than I saw him when he was alive. Yes, I know Tolle got decapitated; showing it a billion times won't help things. The parts with Rau and Dulindal were interesting though. Still, it bothers me. What nut is watching Destiny and still needs like 10 refreshers on what happened in the last series?
Rating: D+
Wait. I have it. Gundam SEED is the perfect anime for... amnesia patients.
Random Old Person: Time to watch some Destiny... What? Nicol's dead! Nooooooo!

Missed the new episode of Teen Titans last night, though I caught the last ten minutes. Seems like a decent episode, though a bit preachy on the racism thing. I liked the message at the end though.
"Everybody has opinions. No matter how uneducated they may be, sometimes there's nothing you can do to change them."

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