Tuesday, May 10, 2005

That last post was too long anyway.

Sunday. FOX. Animation Domination. Ratings. Now.

1st The Simpsons: didn't see this first one
2nd The Simpsons: B
Family Guy: B+
American Dad: B

Nothing really impressed me that night.

So anyway, I have a A- in my Advanced Algebra class, putting me in the top sixth of the class in terms of grades. Cool.

I introduced my nifty new Dwarven Marshall to D+D the other day and it's nice. I haven't done much with it besides attack and damage, but it seems to work out nicely in combat. Either that or my dice were just nice to me. The single dwarf in a party of dirty Elves bred a bit of hilarity as well. Here's the build, if you're into that kind of thing. http://www.3eprofiler.net/3ep/view.php?id=23295

That's it.

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