Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What? A Video Game system is supposed to play games?

Well, all three systems have been unvieled. Let's do some reviewing.

Sony - Playstation 3
I'm digging the sleak design of the console. The Spiderman-logo style works quite nicely. The controller looks alright, but I'm hoping they'll release something more dual-shock-like. The system seems powerful enough from what they're saying. How much of this will actually come true is yet to be determined. Of course, anything that advances the Playstation is good in my book. Being a loyal Sony costumer, I'll be getting this one. Gotta go check out the games of course. That's where it really matters.

Nintendo - Revolution
It's refreshing to know that Nintendo's sticking to videogames rather than trying to sell me a new computer/cell phone/microwave/back massager. I'm really liking the compact style for this system. It looks small enough to pop it into your backpack and go. The sideways stand seems a bit unnecessary, though. Also, I really like the idea of an online handheld, especially on a Nintendo system. Looking forward to seeing the controller and the specs. It's great to know that a company like Nintendo is still going, even with the gearheads at Sony and Microsoft competing. Of course, it's all about the games.

Microsoft - X-Box 360
While I don't own an XBox myself, and I don't plan on it, I'm still going to comment on the 360. It certainly seems like the 360 is going to be the leader in terms of online action, and why not? This is Microsoft after all. I find the system itself to look a bit dull, though. I'm expecting Halo 3 to carry the system on it's shoulders, much as Halo did for the original. I'll be getting a PS3 first, as that's my first loyalty, but it'll be interesting to see what the newcomer is going to give us on it's second time through.

As may be obvious, I'm a tad biased towards Sony, but here's my preliminary ranking.

PS3 > Revolution = XBox 360

As games come out, expect my crazy opinions to change.

Oh yeah, Animation Domination

1st The Simpsons: C
2nd The Simpsons: C
Family Guy: B+
American Dad: B+

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